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Sucker River

The residents of Nemeiben River often referred to as Sucker River as the Cree name is translated, are part of the Lac La Ronge First Nation. The people of this small community that lines the banks of the Nemeiben River near the shores of Lac La Ronge follow a traditional lifestyle and although their close proximity to La Ronge affords many residents the occupational variety available in a larger center some still chose to "live off of the land" in the traditional way.

The community sprang from camps that had been established in the area for many generations to harvest the abundant fish that the settlement takes its name from. A road and bridge that came through the community has allowed easier access and made the area conducive to year round living and so the community has grown to the point where it has developed a modern infrastructure and a growing population.

Many of the elderly residents have retained the skills of old, that when mastered offer a person something traditional, real and tangible to apply towards living a northern life. The community wants to see their children and grandchildren attain skills in the new ways but they want to pass a piece of the old ways down for future generations to discover.

Nemeiben River is a place to visit to gather an appreciation for the northern lifestyle, the forest, the river, the clear lake waters, and the myriad stories of the old ways will not be lost.

The residents of Sucker River take pride in the growth of their community and appreciate the benefits that living in a "quietly serene" northern community can provide.




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