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Denare Beach

Spectacular landforms and a recreationally rich area are found in the area immediately surrounding Denare Beach on the shores of Amisk Lake. This community of almost a thousand people has a heritage and indigenous cultural roots which go back before recorded history. Certain archaeological finds discovered in the vicinity indicate aboriginal hunter-gathers used it for centuries before the arrival of early European explorers.

The community boasts scenic outdoor recreation and activities for the novice to the advanced adventurer. Denare Beach is located close to many historic fur-trading routes and is close to the mining community of Creighton and just over the border, Flin Flon Manitoba. Known for its hospitality, Denare Beach is always ready to welcome a visitor or new resident to the area. The community has numerous camping and lodging facilities, and has been the residence of some of the finest aboriginal birch bark-biting artisans in the north.

Yes, Denare Beach seems to have it all and the residents invite all people to share a vacation experience with them as during summer months the communities population swells to almost twice its normal size. It is said that time spent in the area is experience many don't soon forget.

Denare Beach has more to offer than many can imagine as this secluded yet easily accessible northern village offers extraordinary historical and recreational opportunities for visitors to the area. Bring your camera and drive carefully as wildlife is profuse in this one of the most beautiful, lake resort areas to be found anywhere in Northern Saskatchewan!


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