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Black Lake

Welcome to Black Lake a community that lives and thrives by following a traditional way of life that has ancient historic roots. Our community is surrounded by a rugged landscape and although winter road access is now a reality Black Lake is still a "fly in" community located near the very the top of Northern Saskatchewan. Nestled on the shores of the Lake from whence it takes its name Black Lake is a beautiful and plentiful source of freshwater as well as a place where excellent fish and game resources abound.

Our community of nearly 1000 souls has endured while many others have faded into the dust of history, for although Black Lake is one of most remote communities in Saskatchewan and does not have an industrial base, the people have maintained their equilibrium and relevant prosperity by following a traditional lifestyle of fishing, hunting and trapping.

Recent archeological finds have indicated that people have made the Black Lake area a "living community" for more than six thousand years. People were harvesting the fish in Black Lake's crystalline waters and taking the animals of the Beverly Caribou Herd before the time that the ancient pyramids of Egypt were built. The people of Black Lake live with a deep appreciation of all that nature provides in the way of resources and also of the restrictions of a severe climate with pronounced seasonal changes.

Despite being so very remote Black Lake boasts a very modern infrastructure with the expected amenities of the 20th-century including schools and stores as well as a full range of other businesses and government services.

Black Lake is a community with a past and a future that welcomes all to explore its beauty and abundance!





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