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Situated on the north shore at the eastern end of Lake Athabasca amidst the rocky and small timbered terrain of the Canadian Shield is another of Northern Saskatchewan's "fly in" communities, Fond du Lac. Explorers and fur traders who came to the area near the top of Saskatchewan in the late 1700's found a hardy people where the community now stands. People who used the fish of one of the world’s largest lakes and the extensive surplus of the Beverly Caribou herd to sustain themselves and thrive.

Founded as a community more than 150 years ago when the pursuit of furs was still the primary focus of most northern enterprise Fond du Lac's population still thrives in part by following the traditional ways of life of their ancestors. Although the pursuit of fur is a lesser enterprise it is still a way of life for some in the area. Actually the practice of "living off the land", is still of paramount importance to Fond du Lac's nearly 700 inhabitants who are for the most part descendants of the signatories of treaty number eight back in the 19th century.

A number of the people who call this remote First Nations community theirs work in the mineral and other resource extraction enterprises. Many others follow a traditional lifestyle of fishing, hunting and trapping, as have countless generations before them.

Proud and protective of their heritage and culture the residents of Fond du Lac bid all who show respect for the land and its people welcome to their community.



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