Air Ronge
Bear Creek
Black Lake
Black Point
Brabant Lake
Buffalo Narrows
Camsell Portage
Canoe Narrows
Cole Bay
Cumberland House
Denare Beach
Deschambault Lake
Descharme Lake
Dore Lake
Garson Lake
Grandmother's Bay
Green Lake
Ile-a la-Crosse
Jans Bay
La Loche
La Ronge
Michel Village
Montreal Lake
Nemeiben River
Pelican Narrows
St. George's Hill
Sandy Bay
Sled Lake
Stanley Mission
Stony Rapids
Sturgeon Landing
Sucker River
Timber Bay
Turnor Lake
Uranium City
Wollaston Lake





Beauty - "It is in the eye of the beholder" or so the poets tell us. There must have been many a person with a poet's heart who passed through the valley that encompasses Beauval. For indeed it is the "Beautiful Valley" to the several hundred people who call this community home.

Beauval was once referred to as Ohpahkopewinihk meaning "wading in water place". The Cree people who lived off the land in the area years ago founded the settlement and built an economy at this crossroads in the hinterland, based on the fish and fur supply that were plentiful in the area. It was so rich in these resource aspects that the domestic and social infrastructure associated with the Aboriginal fish and fur business flourished into this thriving center.

The community is still geared to providing services whether they are educational, domestic, business, administrative, health, informational or entertainment/recreational. The initiative shown by this northern community in its diverse development has always provided an example for others of the possibilities that can be explored.

Beauval's educational efforts exemplify the opportunities for students to learn more about their own cultural heritage and/or the culture of their community and how that knowledge can be beneficial. The principles of learning and understanding and developing the expertise of students provide a foundation for the future.


We welcome you who would seek to know more about our future and us.


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