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Canoe Narrows

Located in the heartland of the ancient Woodland Cree hunting and fishing paradise of the Northwest Lakes and situated on the placid shores of Canoe Lake, a body of water that saw much transit by that means of transportation long before the arrival of floatplanes and then roads, is Canoe Narrows. This 'end of road' community lies some thirty miles as the Eagle flies west of Beauval and is steeped in the history of the elders who speak of the joys and hardships of living the life of a hunter-gatherer in the forests and on the waters.

Canoe Narrows is a first Nations community of the Canoe Lake Band and like other communities of the area it shares in the heritage and culture that are unique to the north. That heritage includes a sense of strong independence and self-reliance built on the "Aboriginal Lifestyle" of sustenance from the land.

Though a once a thriving commercial fishery employed many of the residents a depletion of fish stocks in the past few decades has seen many turn to forestry-centered occupations for their livelihood. The boreal forestland that surrounds Canoe Narrows yields a sustainable harvest of lumber for homes and pulpwood for large mills that is seen as the best way to ensure a good futurefor new generations.

A growing community with a strong sense of place and purpose Canoe narrows can glance back at its past while viewing a promising future.


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